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Masonry Cleaning Services – Brick, Concrete, Stone Cleaning in Lancaster PA and Ephrata PA

Masonry Cleaning

Masonry and brick are two of the most widely used and environmentally friendly building materials. Thunder Wash recognizes the demand for restoring and cleaning buildings constructed with masonry and brick. In addition to new construction, many of our city’s historic buildings are coated with dirt and grime, taking away from the eye appeal of their architecture. These buildings greatly benefit from masonry cleaning. Thunder Wash has trained and skilled craftsmen for masonry restoration and brick cleaning. Contact us today!

Masonry Waterproofing

Masonry surfaces can absorb water because they are porous resulting in the need to waterproof.

Brick Pressure Washing

Brick collects dirt, mold, and mildew and must be cleaned. There are many types of brick; some brick can not withstand as much pressure as others can. We can adjust the pressure to meet these needs.

Concrete Pressure Washing

What’s green and black and more slippery than ice? If you answered ‘my walkways’ we may need to talk. Mold growing on brick and concrete paths represents a serious slip and fall liability. Through a combination of landscape friendly cleaners, hot water and low pressure, we are able to make concrete and masonry look new without damage to delicate mortar.

Stone Pressure Washing

Mold covered concrete can be hazardous when wet. Stone and brick can look run-down. We clean concrete correctly. You’ll have mold and dirt free walkways and patios that are not only safer, but look new again.

Masonry Cleaning/Waterproofing

Beautiful hardscapes can be created for your home using pavers, stones and/or brick. But no matter which of these you choose, their appearance can dull over time or even disappear. Protect your investment by carefully cleaning and sealing them. Masonry surfaces can absorb water because they are porous resulting in the need to waterproof. Masonry surfaces collect dirt, mold, and mildew and must be cleaned. We can adjust the pressure used to meet these needs of each different product. Mold covered surfaces can be hazardous when wet which is a safety hazard. Proper maintenance by knowledgeable and qualified professionals is essential to protect and care for your investment. Thunder Wash wants to help you protect the beauty and safety of your home or business.

“They returned blackened dirty concrete back to it’s original color! Thank you!”

–Satisfied Customer