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Log Home and Wood Deck Cleaning Services in Lancaster PA and Ephrata PA

Wood Cleaning

The most effective method to keep your decking protected is to apply a sealer or stain. Painting your deck instead of sealing or staining will most likely result in water laying on the surface and collecting moisture. This moisture will eventually seep into the wood and cause warping. Painting will also cause chipping and the wood will begin to rot; whereas sealing or staining penetrates the wood and allows moisture to escape. Transform your deck from an eye sore to a work of beauty you and your family can enjoy all season. A lot of factors determine what deck cleaner we will use to restore your wood or deck. Once we choose the correct cleaners, we wash the deck with the right amount of pressure. We then do a neutralizing process to prepare the deck to be sealed. After the deck dries to the proper moisture level, we then apply a contractor grade sealer. We can take an old gray deck and restore it to a beautiful condition!

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