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One day in 1994, Mark borrowed a pressure washer from his father-in-law. After using it and seeing the impact it made on multiple different surfaces, he thought pressure washing would be a good business opportunity. Mark always dreamed of owning his own business. With his knowledge and background in general contracting paired alongside his strong work ethic and enthusiasm, it did not take him long to get started.

The Evolution of
Thunder Wash
Pressure Washing

While working full time in building and commercial sales at Hechinger’s, he began to do pressure washing after work and on weekends with just a pick-up-truck and a trailer. It wasn’t long until he decided this is what he wanted to do full time and came up with the “Thunder Wash Pressure Washing” name.

His wife, Sharon, took on administrative duties, making this a full-time family business. His two daughters, Brittany and Ashley also helped with the business as they grew up, going out with Dad to pressure wash and doing office work.


A few years later, he bought his first Thunder Wash box truck or as his customers call it, “the big yellow truck.” The business began to grow rapidly, and Mark was able to teach his new employees the “art” of pressure washing.

Thirty years later, Mark built what is now the Thunder Wash Pressure Washing property (the red palace) on Route 23 in Elverson. This building now keeps all trucks, equipment and supplies safe and dry from outdoor weather conditions.  He is continuing to add to his “big yellow truck” fleet and hiring more employees. The new Thunder Wash building also provides an office, which his daughter, Brittany, now works as the company manager.


Thunder Wash Soap and
Chemical Distribution

Thunder Wash has now incorporated a new sales division called “Thunder Wash Soap and Chemical Distribution, LLC.” Using his knowledge and experience, Mark has an array of soaps and chemicals that he believes to be the best at getting a variety of different jobs done. They are available at the Thunder Wash location for anyone who might need them including other power washers! Make Thunder Wash your one stop shop for all your power washing needs!

Your Trusted Partner Year After Year

Thunder Wash has always been and continues to be professional, dependable and efficient; building long term relationships with customers who return to utilize our company year after year.

Thunder Wash Pressure Washing hopes to continue servicing the community for many years to come.

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