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We provide comprehensive services for your property, including roof cleaning for cedar, shingle, and metal surfaces, fence restoration and staining, gutter maintenance, and paver washing, sanding, and sealing. Additionally, we offer professional cleaning for sidewalks and outdoor structures to keep your property looking its best. Trust us to preserve the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces with our expert maintenance solutions.


Over time, roofs can accumulate debris, algae, moss and stains that not only detract from the aesthetic appeal but also compromise the integrity of the structure. Our skilled team utilizes specialized equipment and techniques to safely and effectively remove these contaminants, restoring the beauty and functionality of your roof. Our experts prioritize the protection of your roof by using gentle but effective methods. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a clean and rejuvenated roof, enhancing the overall value and appearance of your home.


Fence cleaning is a crucial aspect of property maintenance. Whether your fence is made of wood, vinyl, metal, or composite materials, we have the expertise to restore its cleanliness. When it comes to pressure washing fences, one of the standout features that customers appreciate is our ability to supply water and reach every nook and cranny. Armed with powerful hoses and ample water supply, our team ensures that no fence is left untouched. The convenience of our comprehensive equipment allows us to deliver exceptional results, leaving our customers impressed and their fences looking brand new. 


Gutter interiors should be cleaned out in the Spring and Fall to keep them from getting clogged and causing drainage problems. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to a buildup of leaves, twigs, and debris, impending the flow of water and potentially causing water damage to the roof or foundation. With our thorough cleaning approach, we help homeowners maintain the integrity of their gutters and safeguard their home against costly repairs and water related complications.


Pavers look beautiful until they are covered in moss, weeds, and dirt. We understand the frustration of seeing your once-pristine paver patio or sidewalk lose its charm. That’s why we offer a specialized solution to restore their original splendor – our sand and seal service. Our skilled team meticulously removes the stubborn moss, resilient weeds, and unsightly dirt from every crevice of your pavers, rejuvenating their appearance. After the thorough cleaning, we apply a premium sealant that not only enhances the color and texture of the pavers but also acts as a protective barrier against future weed growth and dirt accumulation. With our sand and seal treatment, we’ll transform your paver surface, leaving it looking brand new and ensuring long-lasting beauty for years to come.


The sidewalks leading up to your home are the first impression your guests have of your home. Keeping them clean improves the curb appeal and makes your property look well maintained. Over time, dirt, grime, mold and mildew can build up on sidewalks making them unsightly and potentially dangerous. Let Thunder Wash give you a better first impression!


Gazebos and other outside structures take the same abuse as the exterior of your home and they need just as much attention. There is no doubt that neat, clean surroundings improve the overall look of your property and make them more enjoyable to use.


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